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turbine continuous for liquids. bottom-entry mixer. Medium Size Bottom Entry Mixers with powers up to 110 kW - From 2 to 150 rpm - Single or Double Mechanical Seal - Gear-reduced design for pressure tanks up to 50 barg - Suitable for any critical chemical reactor Compare this product Remove from comparison tool.


Inline static mixers are in-line mixing devices consisting of some guide vanes that torture the flow by splitting, twisting and forcefully bringing it back together. Flow division and re-orientation occur several times. The mixing process is carried out by forming striations in laminar flow and eddies in the turbulent regime at the cost of

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Inline Static Mixers allow for in situ mixing of fluids in a pipeline. Low maintenance and reliable results which can be installed into existing pipework. With a wide variety of applications Static Mixers vary widely in their materials of construction.

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Static mixers are compact in line mixing devices with no moving parts. These mixers can produce a homogeneous blend of dispersion in laminar, transitional or turbulent flow within a very short pipe length. Coefase static Mixers have specially designed mixing elements to ensure the mixers do not have excessive pressure drop in the pipe line.

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Pipe Static Mixers. General Industrial Static Mixer (Series 100/150) Hygienic/Sanitary Static Mixer (Series 200) PTFE Corrosion Resistant Static Mixer (Series 300) Plastic Static Mixer (Series 400) GRP/FRP Static Mixer (Series 500/550) Water Treatment Static Mixer (Series 600/650) High Viscosity Static Mixer (Series 700)

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Static Mixers. Sample applications and mixer selection tips are also presented. Introduction A static mixer or motionless mixer is a device inserted into a housing or pipeline with the objective of manipulating fluid streams to divide, recombine, accelerate/decelerate, spread, swirl or form layers as they pass through the mixer. As a result of

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Further final mixing quality, usually a 90% mixed confidence interval, for this mixer is defined by the reduced coefficient of variance CoV r (0.1 for the 90% mixedness case) and is linked to mixer performance through the parameter K i (0.87 for a Kenics KM (Paul et al., 2003)), indicating a mixer length to diameter ratio L/D of: (16) C o V r

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Komax has introduced the ideal solution, an inline motionless Sanitary Static Mixer to meet the best expectations of the Food/Beverage experts. It can convert a multi-component input stream into a

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Each of the company's many static mixers, which provide energy-efficient, high performance mixing for decades, is designed and custom manufactured to solve a specific customer problem, such as

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Our range of Inline Static Mixers can be manufactured using PP, PVC, FRP, PVDF, PTFE, SS, and MSRL to suit highly corrosive circumstances. Mixing is one of the

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Wafer static mixers by komax systems. Wafer static mixers are an excellent solution for a specific type of static mixing applications. When space is at a premium, (such as in a retrofit situation), and there is not space to install a pipe style static mixer, a wafer static mixer can be used to provide mixing when the alternative is no mixing.

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These plants are manufacturing in varied capacities ranging from 1000LPH TO 200000LPH by making use of superior quality FRP, PVC and MSRL materials. Our offered range of Demineralisation Plants is widely utilized in commercial and residential spaces for removing the mineral salts from water.

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Durashell (Composite Pressure Vessels) Filteration Equipment. Auto Self Cleaning Filter. Cartridge Filters. Y Type / T Type/ Conical Strainers. Duplex Cartridge Filters. Air Pollution Control Equipment. Centrifugal Blowers & Fume Exhaust Systems.

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Save time and promptly find the top static mixer suppliers in the United States who They are also known as inline mixers and are used in production or 

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Find out more about PCM's range of inline static mixers online now. Our static mixers are built from the highest quality food-grade materials in order 

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SX inline static mixer Product Introduction: The internal unit of SX static mixer by the cross bar, bar and shell axis into 45 degrees. The mixing effect of SX is between SV and SK, and it can disperse the

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INLINE MIXING & MILLING - 9 Admixer™ Inline Static Mixers and Blenders for Low Shear Processing 100% product uniformity and distribution at any viscosity level The Admixer excels at processing any combination of miscible fluids regardless of flow rates, viscosity or density profiles. Where laminar flow conditions exist for thick

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ROSS static mixing systems include either our ISG (Interfacial Surface Generator) or LPD (Low Pressure Drop) static - no moving parts mixers and fully integrated control systems. Three Roll Mills When ROSS produced the first Three Roll Mill more than 80 years ago, we revolutionized pigment dispersion — with superior consistency and finer

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Every Statiflo DSM Inline Compact Static Mixer comes with guaranteed performance. Our static mixer designs have been extensively and rigorously tested under industry-realistic conditions to allow us to guarantee the mixing performance and the head loss across the mixer.

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Disposable Static Mixing Nozzle with Stepped Outlet. Over the past 17 years, we have manufactured over 45 million high quality static mixers.

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Triple Action Static Mixers for fast & efficient low energy in-line mixing Komax Triple Action Static Mixers provide unique design that provides superior mixing over other static mixers: The Triple Action Mixer includes 3 distinct types of mixing: Two by Two Division KOMAX mixers divide and re-divide the process stream with a series of elements set at right angles to each other. Each element doubles the

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In-Line Mixers, Chlorination Systems for Private Water System. Industrial Quality Inline static mixer; PVC Unions on each end; Glue-type slip fittings 

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This method provides both a high strength bond and edge-seals the mixer to the wall to prevent liquid from "slip streaming" around the mixing elements. PVC 

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Our inline static mixers and water static mixers are among our popular products. For more information relating to our desuperheater and other products and services, please visit us at and we shall be glad to assist you.

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The most beneficial aspect to static mixers however, is the fact that no air is introduced into the material during mixing. Air bubbles and voids can cause reject parts or bonding failure, and while air can still be introduced prior to mixing or via poor mold design, the mixing process is the most common cause of air bubbles.


In response to a growing need for high quality PVC static mixers at a lower price, Koflo developed the clear PVC static mixer series. Un most other static mixers, Koflo clear PVC static mixers allow for a visual inspection of the mixing process. Clear PVC static mixers are available in standard 6 element and 12 element configurations.