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Trenwa is the original manufacturer of precast concrete trench and offers the broadest line of proven trench systems. Easy Access for inspection, maintenance or expansion. More Economical than poured-in-place trenches or duct banks. More Durable than light weight fiber trenches. Flexible, wide range of sizes for any layout.

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Graphic Concrete. Graphic Concrete technology used by Spancrete transfers patterns and colors onto precast slabs, leaving behind a customized piece of art that is 100% concrete, durable and maintenance-free. It is a cost-effective way to add additional design elements to any project. Stock design patterns are available, but custom designs and

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Once the idea of establishing a precast concrete plant has emerged, starting a pre-study is the natural next step. The earlier experts are involved in the process, the better. For this reason, Elematic offers Engineering services and has an internal Structural design team to help customers in their journey of implementing Precast in their projects.

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Contact American Precast Concrete. All of our concrete products are manufactured in our Southern California facility, then shipped and installed directly at your project site. Learn why more people are turning to precast concrete for wall solutions. Call us today at 800.691.7118 for more information. get a free estimate.

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Precast Pole Bases. Mack Industries precast concrete pole bases are MACK-engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure the highest quality. The Precast Pole Bases are available in a variety of heights and diameters and can be customized as needed to meet specific application needs. Download our Sales Sheet for more

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We deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget; value engineering is central to our approach. Find details of our product range, which includes a wide range of precast concrete flooring solutions as well as a number of other precast products such as stair cores and balconies. Under ‘News’ there are examples of the many

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Precast Concrete Stair Units can be manufactured in a multitude of designs for both domestic and commercial purposes. Custom made and manufactured to a high quality, precast concrete stairs and landings provide an immediate and safe access between lower and upper floors, and are quickly installed.

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Utrafloor is a privately owned Australian company celebrating its 30th year of providing the Australian construction sector with innovative precast concrete flooring solutions. Ultrafloor manufacture a wide range of precast concrete beams and lintels and provides an extensive variety of flooring systems to satisfy the requirements of all

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Precast concrete stairs can be installed rapidly, ensuring easy access between floors as other work continues. Green Design. Precast concrete stairs offer all the benefits that other precast components provide, including the ability to be recycled after the building's service life.

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Elematic Structural Solutions Precast concrete offers an economic, durable and versatile way of building for both residential and commercial purposes. As the one-stop-supplier for all precasters, Elematic offers solutions for the manufacture of all types of precast elements required in building construction - from small houses and apartment buildings through to sport arenas, car parks and industrial buildings.

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The Forever Solution. Precast concrete manufacturers provide veterans cemeteries with quality, durable and effective solutions. There’s no mistaking a veterans cemetery. The perfectly aligned rows of headstones, the expertly manicured grass and a crisp American flag flowing in the wind are telltale signs of the reverence and respect the

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A world of precasting solutions Precast technology is profitable, especially with Elematic Precast concrete is increasingly popular because it makes construction highly productive. With our technology, precast elements are highly efficient for producing both large and small volumes, and for installation on-site. When looking for a precast

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We call Total Precast the combination of architectural and structural precast concrete elements forming a building as a whole. It is a quick way to erect walls, to build floors and ceilings and thus allow the entry, in record time, of the interior finishing crafts.

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Concrete can deteriorate for a variety of reasons, and concrete damage is often the result of a combination of factors. The following summary discusses potential causes of concrete deterioration and the factors that influence them. CORROSION OF EMBEDDED METALS Fig. 1. Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the most common cause of concrete

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Floor + Roof. Our floor and roofing solutions deliver the efficiency, safety, and quality control to speed up the construction process. For residential, hospitality, and multi-family applications, we recommend using hollow core. Our stairs and shaft walls allow fire-rated access for final users, removing the need for dangerous scaffolding.

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We manufacture a complete range of precast prestressed concrete Bridge Beams: Spanning from 5 m to 50 meters. Full range of MY, T, TB, TY, Y, SY, U, Super U & W Beams. Edge & Box Beams. Crossheads & Cantilevers. Precast Parapets. All beam sections & profiles are available in BIM format. Beams are designed to British & Eurocode standards.

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Surabh Ferro Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Products: Precast Manufacturers In Delhi Ncr, Precast Jersey Barrier, Concrete Ballasts Manufacturer In Gurgaon, Saucer Drains, Rcc Platform Coping, Precast Footrest, Kerb Stone, Rcc Fencing Pole, Road Indicators, Precast Boundary Wall Manufacturers, Precast Drain Covers Rcc Garden Furniture , Manhole Covers And Frames

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Suspended Floor Construction consisting of precast concrete floor planks or slabs, with our Block and Beam Floors being the most common. Our precast concrete floors are a cost-effective solution due to concrete’s durable and robust properties. One of the benefits is it's ease, precision and speed of construction on site.

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Precast Concrete software for Revit streamlines your 3D design process by automating the modeling, detailing, and documentation stages.. Efficiently model floor slabs, wall panels, beams, and columns. Insert connection details by the batch-load and place reinforcement.

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QUIKRETE ® Mason Mix Type S Mortar was used to lay more than 300,000 blocks filled with more than 1,300 yards of QUIKRETE ® Core-Fill Grout Fine to complete the garage, which earned LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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www.oldcastlesystems.com Elematic® Hollow-core Plank Technical Data Guide | 5 Building Systems SPECIFICATIONS FOR PRECAST, PRESTRESSED HOLLOW-CORE PLANK SECTION 03400 1.GENERAL 1.01 Description A. Work Included: 1. These specifications cover manufacture, transportation and erection of precast, prestressed, concrete, hollow-core plank, including

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Our company made the decision to use the 18" Concrete Pier System brackets on just about every post framed building we produce. Their system is the strongest and fastest available on the market. CPS is a family-owned and operated business who truly cares about your investment. - Boss Shed, Kansas City, Missouri.

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Jul 02,  · Precast concrete is increasingly gaining appreciation on the mainland as construction activities continue to flourish. Riding on the market boom, leading precast technology provider Elematic

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The exchange of data throughout North America is placing massive stresses on our communications infrastructure. Demand is growing by leaps and bounds. Oldcastle Infrastructure is working with engineers, contractors, and suppliers to design and deliver incredibly reliable pathways to keep us all connected. View All Communications Products.

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Feb 03,  · One example of the required knowledge could be precast solutions’ material efficiency. The EDGE floor production plant with 8 beds for a reference. With these thoughts and experiences, it is my delight to continue my precast career more as an advisor and hunt my dream of a state-of-the-art 30-line hollow-core slab factory!

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Precast concrete plays an increasingly important role in the ports & shipping industry. As ever more bulk materials are stored on-site prior to delivery, storage solutions are becoming more and more necessary. Contact. Often existing warehouses on ports have not been designed for the storage of bulk materials.