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PART 02000 - MATERIALS Concrete Materials and Additives

d) Temperature - Provide concrete, at time of placement, at a temperature between a minimum of 50 °F and a maximum of 90 °F, except the maximum bridge deck concrete temperature shall be 80 °F. Concrete Mix Designs 02001.30 Concrete Mix Design - Submit new or current mix designs,

Construction and Materials Best Practices for Concrete

on scaling durability performance. Concurrent with placement, concrete cylinders and rectangular prism specimens were also cast for laboratory material testing. The experimental program was extensive, including testing of aggregate system (coarse and fine), fresh concrete properties, hardened concrete properties, scaling via


Design, Construction and Materials Illinois Department of Transportation PTA-D3 (Eff. 04/1997, Rev. 02/2005) Bureau of Materials and Physical Research WHY ARE JOINTS NECESSARY? Concrete is a material which is strong in compression, but relatively weak when placed in tension. Tensile stresses may

The “New” ACI Concrete Transportation Construction

he ACI Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector program has been updated. ACI defines a “Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector” as a person who has demonstrated proficiency in concrete inspection methods for transportation projects, including preplacement, placement, and post-placement

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2. Mixing Concrete for Placement 12 3. Transporting Concrete to the Project 12 4. Temperature Limitation for Concrete Placement 13 5. Discharge Times for Concrete Placement 13 6. Evaporation Rate for Bridge Deck Concrete 13 c. Communication Between Jobsite and Plant 14 d. Common Sense Quality Control in the Field 15 e.


MATERIALS. The constituent masonry materials: concrete block, mortar, grout, and steel, each contribute to the performance of a masonry structure. Concrete masonry units provide strength, durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and sound attenuation to a wall system. In addition, concrete masonry units are manufactured in a

UFTI Affiliate Dr. Chris Ferraro Tests Various Materials

To lessen the impact from this shortage, Dr. Chris Ferraro of the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, an affiliate of the UFTI, conducted a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grant-funded project to test alternative materials that could replace some or all of the fly ash currently required by the FDOT in concrete mixes.

Chapter 2: Transportation Equipment — Hauling Supplies and

If the project calls for concrete, crews use concrete trucks designed specifically to transport the material to the work site. There are different types of concrete trucks that can be used depending on the nature of the application. For plant-mixed concrete, general transit trucks conduct transportation.

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When you are building roads and bridges, you need materials that are top quality and durable. Most importantly, you will need punctual concrete transportation in order to keep your projects moving. Port Aggregates offers you a full range of precast and ready mix concrete, limestone and

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The purpose of this research project is to evaluate self-consolidating concrete (SCC) for use in North Dakota transportation projects. SCC is a concrete that can be placed and compacted under its self-weight with little or no vibratory effort, while remaining homogeneous and cohesive throughout the placing process without segregation or bleeding.

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5.2.6 Placement of Facing Concrete Form 8 Placement Material Quantities Form 9 Cement and Pozzolan Quantity Balance - 1 - These usually include RCC batching, transportation, placement, surface preparation, compaction, curing/protection and strength testing.


Construction and Materials are written in the Active Voice writing style. Wherever in these General Provisions or in other Contract Documents the terms or abbreviations are used, the meaning shall be as provided herein. GP-1.02 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE The Maryland Department of Transportation is composed of the following Administrations: (i)

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Concrete manufacturers expect their raw material suppliers to supply a consistent, uniform product. At the cement production factory, the proportions of the various raw materials that go into cement must be checked to achieve a consistent kiln feed, and samples of the mix are frequently examined using X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Chapter 4 Construction Details - California

California Department of Transportation moistened before concrete placement. Ensure concrete is cured by one of the specified methods. 4-7203C Small-Rock Slope Protection Before placement of the broken concrete, inspect the material and be sure the

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A. Ready-mix concrete shall conform to ASTM C94, Option B. Proportions shall conform to ACI 211.1, except as modified below. B. Concrete shall comply with ACI 301 and ACI 318, as applicable. Ensure that mix designs will produce concrete suited for proper placement and finishing. C. Concrete mix: 1.


Survey anchor bolts for placement and alignment prior to casting concrete. PRODUCTS. CONCRETE MATERIALS. Cementitious materials and aggregates for exposed concrete shall be from same source throughout the work. Cementitious Material: An intimate blend of Portland cement and supplemental cementitious material.

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Quantlists are not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of contract requirements. The use of Quantlists is governed by ADOT's Construction Manual and Construction Bulletins issued by the Assistant State Engineer for Construction. Project Documentation should be done using Quantlists in PEN5 application.


Page 1 of 16 Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation SPECIFICATIONS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURE CONCRETE 1.0 DESCRIPTION The Work shall consist of: .1 Supplying of materials, mixing and placing of superstructure concrete as shown and described on the Drawings and in this Specification, including placing, vibrating, finishing and

Missouri Department of Transportation testing use of

Missouri Department of Transportation testing use of recycled materials in roads News Posted: Aug 30, / 07:07 PM CDT / Updated: Aug 31, / 09:54 AM CDT

Concrete Acceptance Process - FDOT

Concrete Acceptance Process. The following information has been provided to guide you in the materials acceptance process. To obtain a copy of the documents listed below, please click on the appropriate hyperlink or contact the State Materials Office Structural Materials Evaluation and Research Unit.

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The types of materials being drilled drive the Contractor's choice of tools to use. As such, there are several tools which will aid in the forming of the excavation and placement of the concrete. The main piece of equipment is the rotary table. The rotary table is basically a machine which transmits energy from a power unit to rotate the Kelly bar.

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1.2 CLASSIFICATION OF PATCHING MATERIALS Repair location weather condition, (at the time of placement)s , and traffic considerations will dictate the type of patching material to be selected. Alberta Transportation classifies concrete patching materials into 5 types as follows: (a) Type NH - Normal horizontal patches are used to repair areas

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Database Access. Database Development Report (Updated on 15th and 30th of each month) Masterworks Materials Update Report. New Features. Notification Email Recipients Override Process (Updated on 10/6/ ) Contacts. D.Scott Potter: 801-647-3459; [email protected] Tim Wozab: 801-633-7619; [email protected] User Guides.

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S T A N D A R D S P E C I F I C A T I O N S EDITION The Standard Specifications for road and bridge construction in Mississippi have been prepared, examined and recommended in the manner and form set


check list for bridge deck placement a) approvals: 1) placement procedures 2) mix design 3) overhang forms and shop drawings for s.i.p. forms 4) curing water b) prior to placement of concrete: 1) check to see that no forms or other material is welded in the tension areas. 2) check to see that forms are mortar tight


1. weather and ambient temperatures shall be recorded for the time of placement. 2. enter member number where concrete batch is placed. 3. enter cylinder numbers at the concrete batch where they are made.