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binders is composed of only four basic elements: 72.0% carbon, 8.5% hydrogen, 3.9% nitrogen and 15.5% oxygen. With phenolic urethane systems, the N component is associated solely with the polyphenyl polyisocyanate (Part II) binder compo-nent. Part I, or the hydroxyl-containing phenolic binder component, contains no nitrogen.


Material testing services: Rayat Al Najah Offering Civil Laboratory testing equipment in the quality control processes associated with the analysis of soils, concrete, asphalt, bitumen, cement and mortar, steel, aggregates, and other materials. Sampling & Casting of Concrete Cylinders ASTM C31. Temperature measurements of freshly prepared

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Bitumen & Binders. We have applied our expertise in Advanced Asphalt Mixtures Testing to Advanced Bitumen and Binder Testing with the development of a complete range of dynamic and static testing equipment. All our systems are fully automated and perform tests ranging from binder ageing, workability, penetration grading to performance grading

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Decades of expertise are represented in our Asphalt Institute seminars, webinars and training materials. We are dedicated to teaching best practices for testing, design and application of asphalt in the paving and roofing industries. Recorded Webinars Live & Online Training Store Download the Latest Asphalt Academy Brochure Specialized Live Online & In-Person Courses

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Bitumen Testing Equipment. Bitumen is a crude oil product, generally used as a binder in flexible road construction due to various properties and advantages it has over other pavement construction materials.The term bitumen is often mistakenly used to describe asphalt. The quality of the bitumen used in asphalt production has a direct impact on

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Section 3: “Summary of Test Methods” – The asphalt mixture is extracted with trichloroethylene (TCE), normal propyl bromide (nPb), or methylene chloride using the extraction equipment applicable to the particular method. – The asphalt binder content is calculated by difference from the

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Asphalt testing equipment. Asphalt contains bitumen which acts as a binder for mineral aggregates such as sand and rocks, and is also referred to as blacktop or pavement. Poor quality asphalt can result in rutting, cracking, polishing, bleeding, weathering, potholes and other forms of

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The suggested new test was a binder fatigue test using the time sweep on the DSR. The number of cycles to fatigue failure Nf was chosen as the criterion for rating the fatigue resistance of the

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Binder Course means a hot mix asphalt (HMA) course between a surface course and either a base course or stabilized base course, an existing pavement, or another HMA binder course. CCIL means the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. Designated Large Sieve (DLS) means the sieve size specifically designated for each mix type for

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The fracture toughness test for bituminous binders is currently under evaluation in Europe as a candidate low service-temperature test, but has not yet been developed into a harmonized standard (Chailleux et al., ). It is based upon ASTM E399 (standard test method for linear-elastic plane-strain fracture toughness (KIC) of metallic

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The BINDER KMF ensures absolutely constant test conditions throughout the testing area. A big advantage of this humidity test chamber is its low space requirement and flexibility in terms of water supply. The wide temperature and humidity range make this humidity test chamber ideally suited for stress testing series.

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testing all medical equipment on inventory EC.02.04.01 EP 10 (Applies to CT, PET, NM, MRI and fluoroscopy) Equipment quality control and maintenance activities are identified Timeframes are established for how often they are to be done EC.02.04.03 EP 18 (Applies to CT, PET, NM, and MRI) Equipment quality control and maintenance activities are done

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Leave the sample in the furnace for 5 to 10 minute or until completion. Binder testing melting pots come in 4qt or 10qt (3.8L or 9.5L) capacities. A heavy pipe single-column support mounts easily to a bench top. Height and angle quickly adjust with set screws on the sliding boss attached to the column.

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Asphaltanalysator ecoTest,EN 12697/1 • ASTM • AASHTO, for extraction and binder content determination of bituminous materials in use with nonflammable solvents. Method Bituminous materials (up to 3.5 kg) is weighed into a sieve drum, placed into the washing chamber and then automatically washed by means of solvents and ultrasonic.

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asphalt bitumen mixing apparatus blender vertical mixer TBT testing equipment. Mixing are devices that force liquid and gas media to convection and mix evenly. We provide laboratory asphalt mixer automatic bitumen mixture blender and so on. Please check our product list if you need it.

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Bitumen ductility measurement test and its suitability for road construction. Bitumen ductility is expressed as the distance in centimeters by which a standard bitumen briquette can be stretched before the line breaks, this test should be performed at 27 oC and traction should be applied at a rate of 50 mm per minute.. The minimum width of the cross-section of the mold must be 10 mm x 10 mm.

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Section 3: "Summary of Test Methods" - The asphalt mixture is extracted with trichloroethylene (TCE), normal propyl bromide (nPb), or methylene chloride using the extraction equipment applicable to the particular method. - The asphalt binder content is calculated by difference from the mass of extracted aggregate, moisture content, if

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Aug 31,  · Procedure of Penetration Test on Bitumen: In the standard test condition, a standard needle of a total load of 100 g is applied to the surface of an asphalt or Liquid bitumen sample at a temperature of 25 °C for 5 seconds. The amount of penetration of the needle at the

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Test set for the determination of solubility of binder ASTM D2042. Units. icon check. icon bag. Quote added. Code. 81-B0148/A. Description. Test set for the determination of solubility of binder EN 12592.

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The binder content of an HMA mix is one of the critical factors affecting the quality of the mix. The ignition oven is one widely used method for determining the binder content, however, its use is problematic with some types of aggregates, including dolomites. With

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About us. STL is a SANAS 17025 Accredited Asphalt, Binders, Aggregate & Geotechnical testing laboratory who provides a one-stop, all-inclusive service to the industry. At our accredited facility, we analyze Asphalt, Bitumen, Aggregate & Soil samples obtained from projects onshore and

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compatible with the roof ply material and asphalt bitumen binder or other adhesive used in the roofing system. 4.6 WARRANTY: Insulation materials shall be considered an integral component of the roofing system, and shall be furnished or approved by the roofing system manufacturer, and

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In the asphalt lab, all traditional and AASHTO binder testing equipment are available. Testing facilities for asphalt binder include: dynamic shear rheometer for characterization of asphalt binder at high and intermediate temperatures, bending beam rheometer to measure the low temperature properties of asphalt binder, rolling thin film oven and