Experimental Study on the Performance of Concrete with

Experimental Study on Performance of Gap Graded Concrete

Experimental Study on Performance of Gap Graded Concrete using Partial Replacement of Titanium Dioxide and Msand 1. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) Volume: 3 | Issue: 2 | Jan-Feb Available Online: www.ijtsrd.com e-ISSN: 2456 - 6470 @ IJTSRD | Unique Reference Paper ID - IJTSRD21515 | Volume - 3 | Issue - 2 | Jan-Feb Page: 852

A Comparative Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior

In addition, a flexural analysis of ultra-high-performance concrete beams, which can be regarded as a kind of HSFRC, was suggested by Chen and Graybeal [22], Bae et al. [23], and Ning et al. [24]. However, most experimental studies on the flexural behavior of HSC and HSFRC were performed on either HSC beams or HSFRC beams.

Experimental study of the flexural behaviour of ultra-high

Jan 04,  · Source: Magazine of Concrete Research, Volume 70, Issue 19, 1 Oct (997–1015) Effect of cyclic exposure and fibre content on tensile properties of ultra-high-performance concrete Authors: Abul Kalam Azad , Shamsad Ahmad , Ibrahim Hakeem

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Alqahtani, F, Ghataora, G, Dirar, S, Khan, MI & Zafar, I , 'Experimental study to investigate the engineering and durability performance of concrete using synthetic aggregates', Construction and Building Materials, vol.

Experimental Investigation on The Effect Of M-Sand In High

Research Paper Open Access Experimental Investigation on The Effect Of M-Sand In High Performance Concrete M.Adams Joe, A.Maria Rajesh, P.Brightson, M.Prem Anand 1Assistant Professor, Department of Built Environment Engineering, Muscat College, Oman.

Experimental study on the performance of steel-concrete

1. Introduction. Concrete-filled double skin steel tube (CFDST) consists of two concentrically placed steel tubes, with concrete filled in between [].It has a similar structural performance with concrete-filled steel tubes (CFST), and the self-weight of CFDST is much lighter than that of CFST with the equivalent load carrying capacities [, , ].This prompts application of concrete-filled double

An experimental study on the performance of self

Sep 10,  · An experimental study on the performance of self-compacting lightweight concrete exposed to elevated temperature Authors: Xi Wu , Zhi-min Wu , Jian-jun Zheng , Tamon Ueda , Sheng-hui Yi Source: Magazine of Concrete Research, Volume 65, Issue 13 , 1 Jul (780–786)

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Oyster Reef Restoration. The USGS develops strategies and techniques to understand and facilitate restoration of native species and habitats affected by invasive species. This two

Experimental Studies on the Performance of Prestressed

In this study, we wanted to compare the performance of prestressed concrete slabs in terms of cross-sectional strength capacity and rigidity of concrete slab without prestressing through experiments. Objects that were tested without prestressing were made 1 piece, namely P1, and objects that were tested with prestressing were 3 piecesnamely P2

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Experimental work is carried out to study the variations in compressive strength and split tensile strength after addition of polypropylene fibers. In this study M-30 grade concrete was used and percentages of fiber added was chosen on the basis of previous work and extensive literature study, percentages of fibers used is 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 1.2.

Performance of precast concrete moment frames subjected

hensive analytical and experimental research program to study the vulnerability of multistory building structures to disproportionate collapse. As part of this research, 10-sto-ry prototype buildings have been designed with various structural systems, including steel-frame, cast-in-place concrete–frame, and precast concrete–frame buildings.

Experimental Study on Mechanical Performance of U-Shaped

On the basis of the previous study of this research team [], this paper proposes a novel U-shaped steel-encased concrete composite beam-girder joint.Two full-scale specimens with slabs were tested to verify the reliability and investigate the failure modes, bearing capacity, deformation performance, and strain distributions of the novel composite beam-girder joints.

Experimental Study on the Influence of Fly Ash on

performance concrete dry shrinkage experiments, he thought that drying shrinkage of HPC with zeolite powder and fly ash would be increased with the zeolite powder replacement of fly ash Reasonable content of fly ash in concrete beam was deemed to be from 30% ~ 40% according to the research conducted in by Huang Bo [5].

Experimental study on seismic performance of mega steel

Read "Experimental study on seismic performance of mega steel‐reinforced concrete columns subjected to cyclic loads, The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

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An Experimental Study on the Compressive Dynamic Performance of Rubber Concrete under Freeze-Thaw Cycles. Adv. Civ. Eng. , , 6655799. [Google Scholar] Puga, H.; Somnath, K. An Experimental Study on Fatigue Property of Alccofine Based Crumb Rubber Concrete.

Experimental Study on the Concrete with Compound Admixture

In order to study the effect of iron tailings powder on concrete performance, the ratio of iron tailings powder to slag powder was designed as 0: 10, 3: 7, 5: 5, 5: 5, and 10: 0. Due to the low activity of iron tailings powder, with the increase of content, the water to binder ratio of concrete decreases with iron tailings powder, so the

Experimental Study on the Structural Performance

Oct 16,  · Experimental Study on the Structural Performance Degradation of Corrosion-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams Ju-Seong Jung , 1 Bang Yeon Lee , 2 and Kang-Seok Lee 3 1 Department of Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Experimental Study on Performance of Metakaolin in

IJTSRD, Experimental Study on Performance of Metakaolin in Pervious Concrete, by A. Thomas Eucharist. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development. Best International Journal, Open Access Journal ISSN: 2456-6470, Impact Factor: 6.410. Menu. About Us

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experimental Study on Bubble Deck Slab with the sole aim of reducing the concrete in the center of the slab by using recycled balls. Plastic hollow spheres balls were used to replace the in-effective concrete in the center of the slab, thus decreasing the dead weight and increasing the

Experimental Study on High Performance Steel Fibre

Aug 02,  · Experimental Study on High Performance Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete using Metakaolin - written by V. V. Sawant , Dr. C. P. Pise , G. D. Lakade published on /02/08 download full article with reference data and citations

Performance of Precast Concrete Beam-to-Column Connections

An experimental study of the behavior of precast concrete beam-to-column connections subjected to cyclic inelastic loading conducted at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is presented. The study was initiated to provide data for the development of a rational design procedure for such connections in seismically active regions.

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Several research studies reported that the corrosion of the steel bar in RC structures reduced . 78 . the tensile strength of the reinforcing bars because of the loss of the cross-sectional area and . 79 . loss in the bond performance between reinforcing steel bar and surrounding concrete [13, 14]. 80

Experimental Study on the Cyclic Performance of Reinforced

Dec 18,  · Experimental Study on the Cyclic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Exposed to Fire. Eunmi Ryu 1, Heesun Kim 2 & Yeongsoo Shin 3 International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials volume 14, Article number: 61 ( ) Cite this article

Experimental Study of the Seismic Performance of Concrete

Apr 04,  · This paper presents an experimental study to investigate the seismic performance of concrete beam-column joints with Design for Deconstruction (DfD) connections, which are characterized by two reusable beams and one precast column. The mortise-tenon connection from timber structures was adopted in the design for a moment-resisting purpose.

PDF Study of Rubber Aggregates in Concrete an Experimental

rubberized concrete have necessitated the need for the experimental investigations on rubberized concrete. Therefore, in this study an attempt has been made to identify the various properties necessary for the design of concrete mix with the coarse tyre rubber chips as aggregate in a systematic manner. 1.3 Production

Prediction of the compressive strength of high-performance

To address the problem of low accuracy and poor robustness of in situ testing of the compressive strength of high-performance self-compacting concrete (SCC), a genetic algorithm (GA)-optimized backpropagation neural network (BPNN) model was established to predict the compressive strength of SCC. Experiments based on two concrete nondestructive testing methods, i.e., ultrasonic pulse velocity